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UTM parameters are just short pieces of code that you can add to links — for example, the links you share in your social posts. They include information about the link's placement and purpose, making it easier to track clicks and traffic from a specific social media post or campaign Es gibt fünf UTM-Parameter, von denen drei optional sind: Die drei obligatorischen Parameter Wenn Sie UTM-Parameter angeben, dann müssen utm_source, utm_medium und utm_campaign immer verwendet werden. Es ist also nicht erlaubt, beispielsweise nur utm_campaign anzugeben

How to Use UTM Parameters to Track Social Media Succes

UTM parameters provide insight into the specific use of a URL and the marketing campaign that refers traffic to a website. Rather than collect data just on the page level, they allow you to collect data on an individual URL level. This helps measure results from social media, pay-per-click, and content marketing campaigns. UTM parameters help you To get that information, we can use the remaining set of UTM parameters: utm_campaign, utm_term, and utm_content. Unlike source and medium, there are no strict values; instead, best practices and business needs define the strategy

UTM-Parameter: Tracking mit UTM_Source, UTM_Term & Co

How to use UTM parameters to track your marketing

  1. UTM stands for Urchin Tracking Module. It takes its name from the software company that created it, Urchin Software Corporation. The Urchin software provides web analytics for marketers. In a more practical sense, UTM parameters describe five tags that you can add to the end of a URL to track its performance from specific locations
  2. UTM tracking is only as valuable as the information you are getting with it, if you share something on Twitter and use the keyword social-media as your source, you can't track traffic from Twitter directly. This is OK if you need to move fast and only want to create one link for all of Social Media. But it's not OK if you need to track and report on your efforts directly from Twitter.
  3. Twitter. Linkedin. Email. UTM (Urchin tracking module) parameters are code appended to a URL through Google Analytics. They track campaign data for businesses based on customer interaction. Downloading a Google Analytics account allows businesses to set up different parameters. The Google platform has a URL building feature for customizing parameters. Types of UTM parameters. There are five.
  4. UTMs are tailored parameters designed to fit your exact campaign needs. By using UTM parameters (also called UTM tags or trackers), you can customize the text that you add to any URL. The added UTM values allow software to track and later optimize the traffic of that ad campaign. UTM tags appear in this way
  5. g from. UTM parameters of a URL link send this data to your analytics tool. A unique set of links for each ad will provide you with granular statistics data
  6. Note: Once you've taken sufficient time to create data-rich URLs, I recommended that you shorten them, using tools like bit.ly or Google Link Shortener.A long and bulky URL does not make for a good user experience and might even come across as spammy.. Also, the UTM parameters are visible to the users in their address bars. So, be transparent and don't use values that you don't want to.

UTM Parameter - that starts with utm_. There are 5 separate parameters you can track: utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term (more on these below). Tracking variable - a unique variable to identify the dimension being tracked (such as the name of the traffic source). This variable is preceded by the = sign. You can have only numbers, letters, hyphens, '+' sign and periods in the. Facebook sends more traffic than Twitter to my Discord store page but is it really better at driving purchases? Quick Start. Step 1: Grab the link to your store page. Step 2: Prepare your UTM parameters. Decide the parameters for the 5 UTM fields: source, medium, campaign, term, and content. Example values can be found below A UTM parameter is a tag added to the end of a URL which, once clicked, sends data back to Google Analytics allowing you to track which elements of your online marketing strategy are most effective. A UTM parameter is made up of the parameter and its value

UTM parameters are a set of five parameters: utm_campaign, utm_medium, utm_source, utm_content, and utm_term. Let's go through each of them in brief. UTM Parameter Description ; UTM Source utm_source: You can use this to identify the website, app, or any other source like newsletter, etc. UTM Medium utm_medium: It specifies the name of the marketing medium, e.g. social, cpc, email, etc. UTM. How to Use UTM Parameters to Track Your Marketing: A Beginner's Guide - YouTube

Der ultimative Leitfaden für die Benutzung von UTM-Parameter

There's no set standard when it comes to UTM tracking. Technically, you could use UTM parameters any way you please. But if you aren't organized, you may not be using the parameters effectively. In fact, it's not uncommon to see UTM parameters used in the wrong way. Here are my recommended guidelines for creating UTM parameters Beachten Sie, dass bei UTM-Parametern die Groß- und Kleinschreibung wichtig ist: utm_ABC und utm_abc erkennt Google Analytics als zwei verschiedene utm_campaigns. Die Bezeichnungen utm_twitter und utm_Twitter generieren fälschliche Daten, da die Zahlen aus zwei verschiedenen Listen generiert werden Insert the UTM parameter in the URLs you share in your social media profiles. Suppose you want to find your social network platform with better ROI and which links on this platform work best in terms of traffic. Then, UTMs can help you analyze your referral traffic on a social network. For example, on Twitter, you have 4 options to promote your links a regular tweet, a promotional tweet, a.

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November 10, 2017To continue on my blog writing path about Twitter Ads, this article details not only conversion tracking but the proper way to implemen utm_source - Helps you track which platform the traffic is coming from such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. utm_medium - Helps you understand what type of traffic it is-whether it's paid, organic, referral, etc. utm_campaign - Helps you track the specific campaign that resulted in the traffic. You can add further parameters to narrow down on the specifics. For instance, perhaps. There are five standard parameters. UTM Medium: Think of this as a channel. Social, Organic, Paid, Email, Affiliates, are all core marketing channels that include multiple traffic sources. UTM Source: The individual site within that channel. For example, Facebook would be one of the sources within your Social medium for any unpaid links that.

utm-Parameter sind Textschnipsel, die in einer gewissen Struktur an Links angehängt werden und von Webanalyse-Tools wieder aufgeschlüsselt werden können. Dadurch können Website-Betreiber die Aktivität nachverfolgen, die ein so markierter und veröffentlichter Link auf der eigenen Website hervorruft. utm steht für Urchin Tracking Modules, da die Software Urchin diese Analysemöglichkeit. Wofür dienen UTM-Parameter? Unter dem Strich sehen wir bereits jetzt schon, dass UTM-Parameter ein spezifisches Kampagnen-Tracking (und die Webanalyse) in zum Beispiel Google Analytics ermöglichen. Wenn ein User auf einen Link mit UTM-Parameter klickt, dann erfasst Google Analytics diesen wie jeden anderen Klick. Jedoch ist der Klick auf eine. Keine utm-Parameter für interne Verlinkung nutzen. Wenn du für die interne Verlinkung, beispielsweise eines Banners, ein Kampagnentagging mit utm-Parametern durchführst, führt das zum Verlust der ursprünglichen Quelle eines Besuchs. Denn durch die utm-Parameter wird eine neue Sitzung ausgelöst, die der dann in den Parametern genannten Quelle/Medium zugeordnet wird. Wenn also jemand z. B. We add UTM parameters for the medium, the source, the campaign, the channel, the lead channel detail, and the driver ID from Salesforce. We know from experience what UTM parameters look like. We know that we need the data that we get from them. And we know that every second we have to deal with them is kind of painful. But with Bitly, you can. UTM Parameters. UTM parameters are a set of five parameters that you can append to a URL. These parameters contain information about your marketing campaigns. utm_campaign: The name of the marketing effort, e.g. launch, 50percent_sale, etc. utm_source: Identify the source of the traffic. It could be a website, advertiser, etc. e.g. twitter, facebook, google; utm_medium: Identify the medium.

Can FullStory provide baseline averages by segment

Mit utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content sowie utm_term können bis zu fünf Parameter an einen Link angehängt werden, wovon jedoch mindestens drei verwendet werden müssen To continue on my blog writing path about Twitter Ads, this article details not only conversion tracking but the proper way to implement UTM parameters in order to get precise performance data on each segment of targeting. This article is a bit technical, but it contains some important information if you plan to implement Twitter

Wie Sie UTM-Parameter einsetzen, um Social Media-Erfolge

Note that the UTM parameters can be used in any order and only source/medium/campaign are required. For this example, when users click the Facebook ad, it takes them to the home page at https://measurementmarketing.io. That's the main link. Now add a question mark to the end of the main link and then the individual UTM parameters Your analytics report will say that the visitor came from blog and not from Twitter. UTM parameters are fine to use in outbound content, but don't use them internally. They'll only screw up the tracking of your other parameters, delivering you a false report in GA. Creating UTM parameters . While creating one, two, or three parameters is easy, the more you need, the more tedious the. Now you know how to use UTM parameters to see which channels drive the most traffic, and which ones convert best. Read on for 14 ways to use UTM parameters to track conversions 1. How to use the Source UTM parameter in social media. tl;dr — You can use the name of the social platform you're sharing the link to (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) as the source UTM tag. The source parameter is all about answering the question, Where is my traffic coming from Don't use UTM parameters when sharing URLs. Everyone prefers clean, simple URLs when information is being shared. You can use a URL shortener, such as Bitly, Rebrandly's UTM builder, or Google Analytic's URL builder. Tracking your UTMs. When analyzing your campaigns' results, you can be very granular in identifying the best ROI when using UTM parameters. During a single campaign, you.

Dormant: Twitter has not gotten any pings from the tag in the last 24 hours; Option 2: To further debug your conversion tracking setup, consider using our Twitter pixel helper extension. This extension will allow you to quickly see whether the Twitter tag is firing on a particular page and, if so, what parameters are being sent to Twitter

Twitter Marek Lecián; Facebook Marek Lecián; Linkedin Marek Lecián; RSS MarekLecian.cz; Youtube Marek Lecián; Categories. Web analytics . Forwarding UTM parameters from the landing page to another domain. Post author By Marek; Post date 2020-06-05; The client had several one-time landing pages on different domains and wanted to drag traffic to their main website through them. These landing. The utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign parameters are strongly recommended to use but technically only the utm_source parameter is required. If you left those two parameters (utm_campaign and utm_medium) off, campaign tracking still works, but you'll see (not set) as the value for those fields in Google Analytics Adding Twitter to your UTM multiple times in different UTM parameters will only confuse you further without letting you know more about your customers. Apply UTM parameters and their phrases singularly throughout the URL structure to get the best results out of your tracking efforts. Tag External Links Only; You can clean up your UTM tracking system further by removing UTM parameters. You've created a piece of rockstar level content. Now it's time to promote it. But how are you going to know which promotional channels are working? Hint: you won't know what's working unless you use something called UTM campaign parameters. Most analytics software like Google Analytics can only get you so far. Out of the box, they're great for top-level data but they can only give. Wie du utm-Parameter mit dynamischen URL-Parametern befüllst. Integriere ich die utm-Parameter in das dafür von Facebook vorgesehene Feld, kann ich alle gewonnenen Besucher eindeutig der jeweiligen Kampagne zuordnen. Unklar ist jedoch, welche der drei Anzeigen die besseren Ergebnisse erzielt. Spiele ich die Anzeigen in meiner.

UTM-Parameter: Kampagnen Tracking richtig nutzen [2021 Update

UTM codes are URL query strings that assign specific values. UTM codes enable you to add custom queries and naming to your reports. These UTM codes are used in Google Analytics reports. But, they are also used by other marketing analytics tools. How To Add UTM Codes To URLs. UTMs are parameters added after URLs. This to track marketing. For example, you can use UTM variables within links you post on social media to track how much traffic you receive from each post you publish. You could also use UTM variables to track specific links such as the link to your website from your your Twitter bio UTM tracking offers an unparalleled level of accuracy and detail when you're tracking your traffic. You can track traffic from multiple sources and display the results in Google's free and familiar Google Analytics dashboard.. The level of detail would be impressive from a paid tool: set up UTM right and you can see how much traffic came from a specific tweet, or from a specific image in a. It's important to note that UTM parameters are case sensitive; utm_ABC and utm_abc will be read as two separate utm_campaigns in Google Analytics. Having utm_Twitter and utm_twitter will generate false data by diluting figures across two separate lists. 1: SOURCE. utm_source identifies the source of your traffic. Facebook, other socials, web. This includes ads on social networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, in search engines like Google & Bing, and in any bespoke campaigns, you do in places like trade publications. To learn more about how to use UTM parameters and what values to put in each, see this article. 2. Add hidden fields to your forms. Next, you need to add some Hidden Fields to your lead capture forms. These hidden.

An Introduction to UTM Parameters [Basics + Best Practices

UTM Parameters: A Complete Guide for Traffic Attribution CX

UTM-Parameter müssen korrekt an eine Ziel-URL angehängt werden. UTM-Parameter haben eine spezielle Schreibweise, die eingehalten werden muss, damit Google Analytics sie versteht. Das? zeigt Google, dass hier die eigentliche URL endet und der Trackingcode beginnt; Jeder Parameter beginnt mit utm_ gefolgt von dem Parametertypen und einem Data Snacks Video — UTM Parameters https://t.co/T4VOZ0zCJK #shopify #ecommerce #shopifyplu

UTM-Parameter für Ihr Kampagnen-Tracking benutze

  1. If you're not familiar with UTM links, they are formed of the link you want to track + so-called UTM parameters, which are basically short snippets of code that allow you to track your links in much more detail than normal. A UTM link looks something like this: https://www.lilachbullock.com/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sale As you can see above, the parameters are clearly identifiable in the link
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  3. Just remember, the most important thing about UTM parameters is setting them up front and staying consistent with them. The parameter utm_source=twitter is different from utm_source=twitter.com and utm_source=Twitter. Using confused or discontinuous parameters muddles your data
  4. UTM parameters are codes that begin after the question mark (?) in the link with specific campaign information in a systematic manner. There are five categories of parameters that must be present in the UTM linked URLs. Three of these are basic needed parameters whereas the last two can be used in paid campaign tracking
  5. Dank UTM-Parametern können Sie in Analytics einsehen, wie viele User über eine bestimmte Verlinkung zu Ihrer Webseite gefunden haben. Okay, aber welche Vorteile hat das? Klicks, die Sie beispielsweise durch Ihren Newsletter erzielen, werden nicht dem wenig aussagekräftigen direct/(none)-Traffic zugeordnet
  6. Then we'll enter the UTM parameters that we want to store such as the utm_source, utm_medium, utm_content, utm_campaign, etc. Make sure to separate each parameter with a comma.. Note: Avoid adding parameters with user information as it might violate privacy laws.You could put in the Facebook ID as a parameter but Facebook doesn't allow you to connect the data just yet
  7. Als utm-Parameter werden Erweiterungen der URLs von bewusst verbreiteten Zielseiten bezeichnet. utm steht dabei für Urchin Tracking Module - das Verfahren, welches der Google-Analytics-Vorgänger Urchin nutzte, um das Besucherverhalten auf Webseiten auszuwerten. Mit der Übernahme durch Google im Jahr 2005 wurden die Parameter konsequenterweise auch vom Urchin-Nachfolger Google Analytics unterstützt

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu UTM parameters have uses beyond ads as well. You'll see them, for example, when you click links in marketing emails. Most tools designed for distributing content on social media (like Buffer) automatically append UTM parameters to the URL, allowing you to learn more about your social traffic. You can see another example of UTM parameters in the URL below, which was generated by clicking the link in this tweet UTM campaign parameters can break and result in visitors landing on 404 pages if you're not careful. This typically happens if you change permalink structure or redirect the post/page in question to a new location. So if you are planning any redirects or permalink changes, it may not be best to use UTM campaign parameters UTM parameters are great. They allow you to more accurately track your online campaigns and offer one of the only ways to attribute traffic from offline campaigns. There are, however, some limitations to UTM parameters that you should always be aware of: UTM parameters override the naturally transferred sourc

Five Common UTM Tracking Parameter Mistakes - ORM Technologie

Here are 5 UTM Parameters and including them properly in your URL will help to give a more accurate result to your campaign efforts. Each parameter represents various factors and you need to be more specific about these factors while using. Keep all parameters in, lowercase to avoid errors. Now we can analyze some best practices to follow if you want to implement it in the right way. UTM. Das bedeutet, wenn ein Besucher Deinen Link (der mit einem UTM versehen ist) von Twitter auswählt, um ihn auf Facebook zu teilen, dann zählt das immer noch als Twitter-Share UTM-Parameter sind Informationen, die du mit UTM-Generatoren an deine URL hängst. UTM steht für Urchin Tracking Module. Wenn du UTM-Parameter verwendest, kannst du in Google Analytics über utm_medium, utm_source, utm. UTM parameters are just text codes (or tags) added to the end of a URL and recognized by GA. They serve to track important data of your online marketing campaigns, so, once a tagged link gets clicked, UTM parameters trigger an action which is sent back to Google Analytics so you can record this activity

UTM-Parameter (Urchin Tracking Module) sind Parameter, die sich an eine beliebige URL anhängen lassen. Sobald nun ein User auf einen Ihrer Links klickt, der UTM-Parameter enthält, wird diese Information direkt an Google Analytics gesendet. Dadurch lässt sich genau ermitteln, woher der Traffic auf Ihrer Website eigentlich stammt. Mithilfe dieser Erkenntnisse können Sie User gezielter. In order for Attributer to know where your traffic is coming from, you need to add UTM parameters to your ads & campaigns. This includes ads on social networks like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, in search engines like Google & Bing, and in any bespoke campaigns, you do in places like trade publications Insert UTM parameters on every link you share on social media. UTMs can help you analyze your social media referral traffic and identify your top-performing platform. Consider this with Twitter, there are 4 places for you to add trackable links - a regular tweet, a promoted tweet, the website field, and the profile/bio description The tracking parameters are only used to transmit information to the site receiving the visit from the link. The tracking standard used by Google Analytics is called UTM parameters. Because Google Analytics is the de facto standard for website analytics, the same applies to UTM parameters. You have probably noticed these at some point in the browser URL field after clicking a link. A typical URL in an ad could look something like this A UTM parameter, also called a campaign parameter or UTM code, is a string of text at the end of a website link. These codes allow Google Analytics to track website users who come from different sources or channels. Campaign parameters also give marketers the ability to track details about the specific campaign, such as the copy or images they used

Die fünf UTM Parameter, die sie für Ihre Kampagnen verwenden können, sind source, medium, campaign, term und content (oder im Deutschen: Quelle, Medium, Kampagne, Keyword, Inhalt) Source: Die Source bezieht sich auf den Namen einer Webseite über die man Werbung schaltet, z.B. Facebook, oder Google oder Zanox To save you time and streamline your workflow, you can now simply enter your UTM parameters into the message details once. The editor will take care of the rest. As you insert the values for your UTM links, you'll be able to preview the resulting UTM parameters in the locked field below

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You may only append UTM query parameters to the links. The added query parameters must begin with utm_ or hsa_. The domain, path, and any existing query params should not be modified. If you modify anything other than the UTM params, the ad review will be triggered, and the ads serving for this specific carousel ad could be paused Similarly, if you are running a Twitter campaign, you can use the name of the Twitter campaign as the value for 'utm_campaign'. utm_term (campaign term) 'utm_term' key is used to send the information related to the campaign term (paid search keyword) to Google Analytics. The value of this key is often the paid keyword you are bidding on. For example, if you are bidding on a keyword say. Optional Parameters. Campaign Term (utm_term) - Campaign Term is used for tracking particular keywords if you're running an Adwords campaign. Campaign Content (utm_content) - This parameter is helpful if you're split testing ads. In this case you could track each ad to see which was most effective for driving traffic

UTM tracking links are URLs that have several pieces of code attached to them - called UTM parameters - that ultimately help you track each link in great detail. To give you an example of what. Special notes about utm_medium parameter and how to provide it to Google. Although in theory you should be able to mark any medium, be that Web, or Mars, or Message-in-a-Bottle, if you do that, you are not going to see it in your analytics. Google will take any parameter that it does not intuitively understand and bundle it as 'Other'. To get it out of that bucket, you would have to write. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Article first published in July 2015, updated April 2019 . How do you track the success of your email marketing efforts? While measuring open and click-through rates are a great start, it's useful to understand what people do on your website after they click-through from your campaigns. To do this, you can use UTM codes to tell your analytics tool that these people. Beginning with UTM parameters, we start a series of articles about web analytic tools which are crucial for successful online marketing strategy implementation. This tool was launched a decade ago and had already proved itself in big players' strategies. But you don't have to be big to use the UTM parameters and I will show you why. What is.

The Ultimate Guide to Using UTM Parameter

UTM parameters, codes, links, or tags are five variants of a URL used by brands and marketers to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media. Creating UTM Codes Using Campaign URL Builder What do these UTM Tags mean? 1. Source In this parameter, you can use the name of the social platform of which you are sharing the link to (e.g., Twitter. Common examples of UTM source parameters include Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Salesfusion, becoming Sugar Market. UTM medium: Covers the marketing medium, which typically depends on your source. For instance, if your source is Google, your medium might be AdWords. But if your source is LinkedIn, your medium will be social and if your source is Salesfusion, your medium might be email or. Dynamic URL parameters are often used in the utm_content parameter but you can also configure them for other parameters. Dynamic parameters settings: Google Adwords. Find more information here. Parameter What {parameter} will be replace with {adgroupid} The ad group ID. Use this when you've set up your tracking info at the account or campaign level and want to know which ad group served your.

UTM Parameters Examples to Better Use UTM Parameters for

The utm parameter is the first part of the code snippet and looks like this: utm_source. There are five possible parameters: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content, and utm_term. (See below for explanations of each parameter.) The second part is the tracking value. The tracking value records the information you're trying to track, like the name. UTM parameters are tags that are added to the end of a URL, which help to track the effectiveness of a campaign, or more specifically in this context, the effectiveness of a post published to your social media accounts. If you have hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website each month, it's helpful to know where that traffic is coming from. Let's say you shared a link to your website on. UTM-Parameter sind ein großer Helfer die Datenqualität in Web-Analyse-Plattformen wie Google Analytics zu verbessern. In diesem Beitrag erklärt André Goldmann, wie mit UTM-Parametern gearbeitet wird, wie sie funktionieren und mit welchem Tool man sie erstellen kann If the same link is shared on Twitter, use the &utm_source=twitter parameter instead. Optional Parameters. Term. This parameter is used for paid search. It allows Google Analytics to note the keywords were associated with an ad, if you are not already using auto tagging for your campaigns. For example: utm_term=black+friday+sale for the keyword black friday sale. Content. Google.

Understanding the Basics of UTM Parameter

Die meisten setzen UTM-Parameter nur für Adwords ein, aber es lohnt sich auch für alle anderen Kanäle. Egal, ob du deinen Inhalt per FB-Ad, Banner oder über deine Social-Media-Kanäle bewirbst - immer setzt du die UTM-Parameter ein! Nur so weißt du am Ende, welcher Kanal wie gut funktioniert! Die Parameter sind dir bestimmt schon mal über den Weg gelaufen. Die URLs sehen dann so aus UTM (Urchin Tracking Modules) Parameters, also known as UTM tags, are custom tags/codes added to your web page URL in order to track source, campaign name, medium, device, keyword etc which helps you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. The tracking can be viewed in Google Analytics or you can also use third party softwares/CRMs/LMS to capture the data as required for your. A UTM tag, also called UTM parameter, is a string of text added to a webpage URL that provides details about how a user landed on your website. For best results, please follow the recommended way of constructing a campaign. Check that you have constructed your campaign correctly by observing the UTM parameters in the website URL The Parameters: Here's where you can have fun with UTM tracking. The query parameters are key value pairs that serve to send extra information to the server. They're completely customizable and the server can use them for any purpose-such as tracking and identification. UTM tags are simply parameters with particular names that an analytics tool can use to determine which campaign was.

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The predecessor of Google Analytics was called Urchin Tracking Monitor - hence the letter abbreviation UTM. The UTM parameters - also called UTM codes - are used in Google Analytics to identify the origin of each click.This information can answer question such as:How many came from your last Facebook post, how many from search advertising, and what proportion is accounted for by organic Google. 1. Create custom UTM fields for Contact entity, add them as marketing form fields and hide them by default. 2. Create a javascript on your marketing page, it'll capture UTM parameters in URL and append these data to corresponding fields. You can take this article as reference for how to capture parameters from URL and add the data to fields UTM Parameter sind eine sehr gute Möglichkeit, die Wirkung von Onlinemarketingmaßnahmen in Google Analytics genau zuordnen zu können. Während das Funktionsprinzip von UTM Parametern leicht verständlich ist, tun sich viele mit der genauen Bedeutung der einzelnen Parameter schwer. Dafür haben wir hier eine Übersicht erstellt, die die Zusammenhänge visualisiert

What are UTM parameters

Account settings and UTM. As you can see auto-tagging(UTM is called that here) is enabled by default. Please keep it this way. For Facebook, you should set UTM parameters on every ad.How to set them is described in detail in this video.. For Bing, you need to go into Account Settings and turn UTM parameters ON ( in yellow highlights) as shown in the picture belo

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